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Think Pink When Looking for a Great Smoky Mountains Tour

See Great Smoky Mountains National Park through a local’s eyes on a tour with Pink Adventure Tours

Pink Adventure Tours at Newfound Gap in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Newfound Gap Smoky Mountains TourPink Adventure Tours

When you drive through Great Smoky Mountains National Park without a guide, it’s easy to get out at a viewpoint, snap a photo and get back in the car without experiencing everything the park has to offer.

When you board one of Pink Adventure Tours’ signature pink Jeep Wranglers, you’ll soak up more information than you thought possible on your Smoky Mountains tour. Pink’s tour guides eat, sleep and breathe Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Many of them have spent their lives exploring its forests and rivers, guiding visitors through it and when they’re not physically there, they’re reading about it. They can’t get enough.

Cabin on Roaring Fork Nature Trail with Pink Adventure Tours
Learn the stories behind the pioneer cabins on Roaring Fork Nature TrailPink Adventure Tours

Take Ronnie Bohanan, a Pink Adventure Tours guide who is an avid fisherman and holds the record for catching the largest trout in Gatlinburg. When you take a tour with Pink’s guides, you’ll be seeing the Smokies through their eyes. You’ll learn about ecology, history, geology, current events and more. In the summer you’ll ride open-air. In colder months, heated seats and panoramic roof ensure you’ll stay cozy while not missing out on any views.

There’s a tour for everyone at Pink Adventure. If you’re short on time and just want a primer, book the Roaring Fork Smoky Mountains Tour departing from Pigeon Forge, which is a 2.5-hour insider tour of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. Your Wrangler will take you deep into the hills and through the temperate rainforests. You’ll see waterfalls, cross creeks on wooden bridges and just might spot a black bear.

Family photo on the river with Pink Adventure Tours
Explore areas away from park crowdsPink Adventure Tours

For big views, book the Newfound Gap Smoky Mountains Tour or the Foothills Parkway Smoky Mountains Tour. At Newfound Gap, you’ll visit the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina and when you take the Foothills Parkway Smoky Mountains Tour, you’ll be gazing out along what some consider one of the prettiest drives in America.

At the end of your trip back in Pigeon Forge, you’ll get to experience an off-road adventure on Pink’s private 4×4 course that will have you squealing with delight.

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